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ID#: 9023917 Hersteller: KOKUSAI Modell: DD-1206V-DF QUIXACE Kategorie: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Jahrgang: 2007 Wafer Größe: 12" Ausstattungsmerkmale: High temperature batch anneal furnace, 12"
Free processing of FOUP is possible by 1 FOUP high-speed transfer
The FOUP Transfer part is equipped with Area Sensor for safety of system
Buffer 16 FOUP storage for 12" Wafer (18 FOUP option)
Full range pressure control from ATM to Low Pressure (option)
Fast temperature ramp up/down control (option)
Furnace port opens downwards
SiC wing boat with wafers inside is loaded into the reactor tube without touching the process tube
Equipped with a variable number of wafers transfer mechanism
CX series controllers made by Hitachi Kokusai are adopted in the system
Main operation control panel uses color LCD touch control panel
FOUP charge port of the system is equipped with LIGHT CURTAIN for safety
Restriction of operation regarding environment (heavy industrial areas)
12" single boat
Temperature monitoring by 5 outer T/C, 1 cascade T/C, 5 overtemp T/C

Gases (Horiba Stec):
30 slm Ar/4%H2 (MFC)
30 slm N2 (MFC)
30 slm O2 (MFC)
1 slm O2 (MFC)
0.5 slm HCl (MFC)
10 slm Ar (MFM)

Currently installed
2007 vintage.
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