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Automatic sputtering system Z700 stainless steel process chamber (ca. 710mm height x 710mm dia) on a coated mild steel frame Chamber fitted with various flanges and ports 2 pair (4) PK 500 sputter cathodes with teflon isolators, magnets and 1 atmospheric boxes for inner cathodes Inner chamber shielding kit Substrate rotation stage incl. feed through, drive and drive gear Sample/substrate stage will be supplied according to customer specification V1, V2, V3 and V4 valves (chamber, rough vacuum, bypass and venting) (3) MFC with shut off valves Water distribution manifold with 6 lines Each line has a pneumatically operated shut off valve in supply and flow monitor in the returns fitted. Option 1: Vacuum measurement system (1 no. rough vacuum and 1 no. high vacuum gauge, 1 no. MKS Baratron process gauge) Option 2: (4) heaters, 1.1 kW each (2 no. inside substrate carrier stage, 2 no. outside the stage) Option 3: (1) Leybold DK200 rotary vane rough vacuum pump (1) Leybold RUVAC 501 booster pump (3) Leybold TMP1000c turbo pumps with NT1000/1500 controllers (1) stainless steel buffer box for mounting of (3) TMP1000c turbo pumps Vacuum measurement system (1) rough vacuum and (1) high vacuum gauge, (1) MKS Baratron process gauge) Option 4: DC Power supplies (4) 6kW DC power supplies for DC sputtering.
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