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ID#: 9253626




Sigma FxP



Wafer Größe:



Metal deposition systems
Platen HSE MK2, 8" (P/N: TR-133072/B)
TI-Heater assy platen, 8" (P/N: 188855)
No Pumps / Chiller

Hot sputter etch chamber: Station 2 (DepE-HSE)
Station 0: BROOKS M800
Station 1: BROOKS VCE
Station 2: Hot sputter etch (Rack)
Station 3: Hot sputter etch (Rack)
Station 4: Deposition (Rack) TTN
Station 5: Deposition (Rack) TTN
Station 6: Deposition (Rack) ALU
Station 8: BROOKS VCE
Station 9: BROOKS Inliner
Station 10: BROOKS Top cooler
Station 11: BROOKS Buffer

(2) Load locks:
Station 1: VCEA
Station 8: VCEB

(3) Deposition chambers:
Station 3: (DepC- HU platen aluminium)
Station 4: (DepB - HiFill TTN)
Station 5: (DepA - HiFill TTN)

Pre heat chamber: Station 7
Orienter: Station 9 (In front of VCEA)
Top cooler for cooling wafers: Station 10 (In front of VCEB)

LEYBOLD CoolVac 1500 O-Ring sealed
Transport chamber
DC Power supplies for single and double rack
Turbo controller
Main computer
Main AC
RF / DC Power supplies
Chamber AC control
Temperature set point: 20°C
Resistivity set point: > 50 kΩ
Recirculating flow: 20 gpm
Recirculating pressure: 22 psi
BROOKS MAG7 Robot included

Process modules:
DepC and DepE

2001 vintage.
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