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Sputtering system, 6"
(TiW, AlCu, AlCu, hard etch), 150mm, p/n 983-4353, 480V, 22A, 3ph, 60Hz,
CTI-Cryogenics On-Board 8 cryopump
V200-A turbopump; V200 turbopump
(2ea) MKS 250B controller
Fluke 1722A instrument controller
Fluke 8840A multimeter
Wide range thin film monitor
SW Version 2.2
Sputtering power supply
Vacuum system controller
880RS vacuum ionization gauge
RF matching controller
Cassette motor control
Temp monitor
Dual CTI-Cryogenics On-Board controller
Pfeiffer DCU controller
MKS vacuum controller
Multi-range DC sputtering power supply
(2ea) interlock status display
(2ea) deposition source control
RFPP RF10S RF generator
(3ea) CPI CPW-12/480 power supply
Includes OneAC power transformer/conditioner.
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