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PMM 866


Measuring systems
Pre-loaded air bearings with large guide bases

Drives: DC Motors by tacho generators
Power transmission: Friction wheel gearbox with friction rods
Positioning speed: 5 µm/s to 30 µm/s
Computer control: 0.5 µm/s to 80 µm/s
Acceleration: 250 mm/s²

Linear measuring system: Electro-optical incremental transducer
Scales: Glass phase grid scales
Resolution: 0.025µm

Measuring method:
Dynamic single-point probing
Automatic self-centering probing
Continuous scanning

Measuring probe system unclamped in 3-axes
Probing speed: 0.1-3 mm/s
Scanning speed: 0.1-5 mm/s
Measuring probe force: 0.1-0.5 N
Resolution: < 0.1 µm

Collision protection for probe pin, probe head and spindle
Manual probe change with control panel
Automatic probe change with probe magazine and QUINDOS

Control panel:
Keyboard: Membrane keyboard divided into functions
Display: LC-display with (2) 40 alphanumeric characters
(2) Joysticks for X, Y and Z axis and rotary table

Electronic control:
Multi-axis multiprocessor control
Modular design
RS232 Interface to the host computer
Vibration isolation

Compressed air supply:
Compressed air temperature: 20±5°C
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 370 Nl/min

Power supply:
Operating voltage: 230-500 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz, 3 Phase
Maximum power consumption: 1.8 kVA.