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ID#: 9037521 Hersteller: BRUCE Modell: BDF-41 Kategorie: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Ausstattungsmerkmale: Tube furnace

(10) Type-S Spike Thermocouples per tube level
Individual tube level scavenger boxes with damper adjustment
Cooling air exhaust bonnet
(4) Intempos temperature control modules (1 per tube level):
(2) Atmospheric standard temperature (1250º C Maximum) 5-zone heating elements
(2) LPCVD 5-zone heating elements

Load station:
(4) Heavy duty boat loaders (Model: 7680)
(4) Multi-axis saddles
(4) Atmospheric door support assemblies with quartz doors
Class 10 HLF Load station with type 2 HEPA filters

Source cabinet:
Tube level configuration:
Tube 1 (top): Open
Tube 2: Internal pyrogenic oxidation
Tube 3: LPCVD Low stress nitride
Tube 4 (bottom): Open
L-shaped gas cabinet with vertically mounted gas panels
Tube foyer with independent exhaust
Gas inlet assemblies with shutoff valve
Regular, gauge, filter and manifold drops (316 L tubing)
Micro-T weld and VCR fittings
Process gas lines configured with no tubing bends
Quartz kit for pyrogenic oxidation tubes: SiC paddle, quartz process tube, quartz door, profile T/C and 8-quartz boats per tube
Quartz kid for nitride tubes: SiC paddle, quartz process tube, profile T/C and 8-quartz boats

Control cabinet:
(4) 7355 DC Microcontrollers
(4) 7680 Boat loader control modules
7355 DCC configured with 7355X firmware
Control cabinet with casters
System alarm panel.
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