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ID#: 9124385






Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) System
3-Grid RF Beam
Control interface

Vacuum chamber: Symphony 8; 800mm W x 800mm D x 700mm H
Frame assembly: Tecport with duct system
Rotation system: planetary, (4) 88mm diameter substrate holders
Substrate heater: Eurotherm, SCR halogen heater
Temperature controller: Eurotherm 2408 PID programmable
High vacuum pumping system: Helix CTI OB 320 cryopump with 9600 compressor
Low vacuum pumping system: Edwards
Vacuum gauge controller: Granville-Phillips 307
Vacuum gauge: Granville-Phillips: (2) convectron gauge, (1) tubular ion gauge
Optical monitor system: Intellevation IL 550 Series
RF ion source: KRI 14cm RF ICP gridded ion source package
Target assembly: Tecport, (3) 12" assemblies with automatic indexer
Ion source: KRI EH400HC with hollow cathode electron source
Rack system: Tecport
UPS: MGE Pulsar Extreme M22000RT-2U
Computer: Dell PowerEdge 2950
Touch screen: (2) 15" ELO Intellitouch
Keyboard and mouse
PLC: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756
Kiosk stand: Tecport
(5) MFC: (2) RF ion source, (2) End-hall ion source, (1) HCES
Auto pressure controller: Apex
Shields: Tecport
Software package: Symphony OPUS
Load lock package: Tecport.
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