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ID#: 9075492





Wafer Größe:



Sputtering system, 6"
(3) Target assemblies: Conmag II

Station 1: Heated etch with AE RF-10 power supplies
Station 2: Heater table with conmag II
Station 3: Heater table with conmag II
Station 4: Heater table with conmag II

(4) Temperature controllers: Eurotherm 818
Controller: Fluke 1722A modified with flash drive and floppy drive
Multimeter: HP 3438A
Ferrofluidic transfer plate feedthru grade
(3) Ferrofluidic shutter feedtrhu upgrades
Ion gauge controller: Varian 880
Remote power supply panel
Digital readout
Etch matching unit controller with digital readout meters
RF RWD and REFL remote meter panel
Cryo pump: CTI CT-8 with SC compressor
Dry scroll mechanical pump: no

Power supplies:
Target 1: Inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW
Target 2: Inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW
Target 3: Inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW

Currently warehoused
1989 vintage.
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