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ID#: 77413


MB2-730 HT


CVD system, 3 chamber WSi CVD, 8"
Turned off and de-installed late 2007
Maintenance by: TEL
Secs/gem: yes
CE Mark: yes
SW Version UI V4.8HL
In elect rack: 3x Ebara TMP controller (306W), labelled for PM RH TMP, PM LH TMP, T-M TMP; CVD Utility controller
Main Frame MBB730 (3 chambers)
Maintenance Table
Additional breaker box
MBB-730 Main Power Distribution
Power Rack
Edwards D150 dual GRC, qty 3 , Edwards PN A55222110, 208v 3 PHASE Weigt: 380 KG
Chiller TEL: 3
Box with cable/Process kit/manuals

N2 (ox) 4 l/min
N2 (red) 125 l/min
Ar 1500 sccm
WF6 15 sccm
ClF3 1500 sccm
DCS 1500 sccm

1996 vintage.
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