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CVD system, 8" System Configuration Process: W-Si (Qty 3) Chambers Main Body Additional Breaker Box Process Kit Footplate Accessory Box Mainframe Indexer (Qty 2) Controller PC Cable Chiller UPS Power rack Power distribution Cable Cabinet Chiller Hose Missing Part: Motor Server Driver Voltage: 208+/-10 VAC60HZ Max Power: 70KVA Water Pressure: 5kgf/cm2 (Max) Water Flow: 0 L/min Water Temp: 15~25℃ General EXH VOL: 3.8m3/min Air≧6.0 kgf/cm2, 320 L/min Earth Class 3 GND (ISOEATED) Weight: 2800kg Room Temp.: 20~25℃ Humidity: 40~50% Gas configuration 2 (Oxidation): 1.5+/-0.3 kgf/cm2, 6L/min N2 (Reduction Gas): 2.5+/-0.3 kgf/cm2, 125L/min Ar: 1.5+/-0.3 kgf/cm2, 1500SCCM WF6: -200+/-50mmHg, 1500SCCM CIF3: -200+/-50mmHg, 1500SCCM DCS: -200+/-50mmHg, 1500SCCM 1998 vintage.
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