Benutzt TEMESCAL BJD-1800 (EVAPORATORS) zu verkaufen

Hersteller:TEMESCAL Modell:BJD-1800 Kategorie:EVAPORATORS
As the industry's leading and first data-driven and software physical commodity trader for semiconductor capital equipment, CAE possesses a large access to such equipment, which may not be available through other sources. The trading company locates the best deals globally on used products such as the Temescal BJD 1800 which is designed primarily for production vacuum deposition and research. This device would simplify the workload of the operator while at the same instance provide a high pumping speed, which is accomplished using the substrate holder mounted at a convenient height of 42 inches with a net pumping speed exceeding 800 liters per second inside of the vacuum chamber. The Temescal BJD 1800 also accommodates most of the deposition equipment in the commercial field, to include substrate heaters, wire feeders, sputtering modules, electron beam guns, planetaries, and resistance-heated sources just to name a few. It is adaptable to ion plating and high pressure with a stainless steel finish to allow for easy cleaning and the highest vacuum integrity. For more information on the Temescal BJD 1800, visit CAE's Marketplace and feel free to use the request form to order or research, plus Why CAE for more information about the company also.


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